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Sound advice

Below is a list of suggested ways to help keep noise nuisance to a minimum:

Muffle that Music or TV - amplified music or sound is the most commonly complained about noise – so keep the volume down and place speakers away from partition walls, floors and ceilings and don’t forget about closing doors and windows.

Party Peace – if you have a party, warn your neighbours in advance or better still, invite them along. Keep windows and doors shut and if someone complains turn it down.

Banish Barking – a barking dog is lonely, bored or unhappy. If you have to leave your dog, make sure it has had enough exercise. If necessary leave the radio on to keep it company and get a neighbour to look in.

Be A Quieter Consumer – we use many noisy appliances around the home – operate them at sensible hours to reduce disturbance. Make sure washing machines and fridges are away from party walls, and on a mat or carpet to reduce vibration. When buying a new appliance ask about noise ratings, and choose the quieter option.

Don’t Alarm Your Neighbours – alarms are annoying. If you have a house alarm register a key holder with the environmental health department or the police – this will save your neighbours trouble and you expense if your alarm goes off while you are away.

DIY Din – do noisy jobs when it will least disturb your neighbours. If you warn them in advance they are less likely to complain.

Gardening – use power tools with discretion – avoid strimming or shredding when your neighbours are trying to relax in the sunshine. Splashing fountains and tinkling chimes soothe on a sunny afternoon – but can be annoying at night.

Sssh – Don’t Shout – do you really need to shout to be heard? Consider the volume of your voice. In properties with poor sound insulation and outdoors – everyone can hear you! Also, avoid slamming doors and thundering up and down stairs.

Finally Fireworks – consider the consequence of firework noise. Fireworks frighten pets and people – and can harm hearing. If you have fireworks at your celebration, try to avoid the ear splitting variety and always warn your neighbours.

Source of information: Environmental Protection UK.

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