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Comprehensive Performance Assessment

Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) was introduced in 2002 as a way of supporting councils to deliver improvements in services to local people.

Every council in England had a CPA inspection that was carried out by the audit commission. Inspection teams were made up of people with practical experience of working in local government. They made a judgement about service delivery and capacity to improve, and awarded each council with a score of either excellent, good, fair, weak or poor.

Councils that were performing well were given greater freedom over how they spent money and made decisions, and had to produce fewer plans for central government. Those who weren’t performing well received help and support to enable them to improve their services.

Our inspection took place in July 2004, the process consisted of a number of elements.  We completed a corporate self assessment document that set out:

  • what we were trying to achieve;
  • how we set about delivering our priorities;
  • what we had achieved or not achieved to date, and
  • what we planned to do next.

The self-assessment was then challenged by a peer review team (consisting of a chief executive, a leader and an independent facilitator with experience of local government) who produced a peer challenge report

As part of the self-assessment process we also produced a summary of strengths and weaknesses and an improvement plan.

The balancing housing markets diagnostics assessment examined:

  • how well we understood our housing market;
  • whether we had developed the right proposals and or actions;
  • how we monitored progress and or impact, and
  • how effective we were at developing future strategies and plans.

The management of public space diagnostic assessment examined:

  • how well we contributed to the management of the physical environment;
  • whether we kept the locality clean;
  • how well we worked with partners to improve community safety, and
  • whether we made a positive contribution to activities to engage children and young people

The benefit fraud inspectorate (BFI) undertook an assessment of the housing benefit and council tax benefit service. It looked at the current level of performance, and our proven capacity to improve.

The inspection team's findings are detailed in the CPA inspection report that was published in October 2004.

If you would like more information on the CPA process please contact the Corporate Support Team on 01594 812607 or email us at