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Contaminated Land Investigation

Contaminated land  

Under regulations that came into force in April 2000, all local authorities in England must inspect land in their district for the presence of contamination and publish an inspection strategy detailing how it plans to undertake the inspection in a rational, ordered and efficient manner.

Forest of Dean District Council was the first local authority in the country to publish a consultation draft of its inspection strategy in June 2000. Detailed consultation took place with other statutory agencies and with town and parish councils in the district, and the input helped shape the final version of the strategy.

Dealing with contaminated land is an important issue for the Forest of Dean District Council, both in terms of preventing damage to human health and the environment, and in encouraging development on brownfield sites in preference to greenfield sites.

The council is well underway in implementing its strategy. In excess of 2000 potentially contaminated land sites have been identified and a computer system has been installed to assist in mapping these areas. A risk prioritisation software package called Groundview is in place to aid in the risk assessment of all the sites. This tool will help to prioritise the areas that need to be inspected and identify where possible remedial action may be needed. Any site determined as contaminated land according to the definition as stated in Part II a of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, may be served with remediation notices.

Public register of contaminated land

The Forest of Dean District Council holds a public register of contaminated land in accordance with Section 78R of the Contaminated Land Regulations.  The register contains the following information:

  • Site location 
  • Details of the site owner or occupier 
  • Identification of the pollutant linkage, which confirms the land is contaminated land, to include source, pathway and receptor. 

Any other information held by the council is available to view at the council offices.

As of June 2015, no sites have been determined as contaminated land in the Forest of Dean District.

For more information download the following documents or contact Karen Toomer, Contaminated Land Officer on 01594 812398 or email

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