Bank Holiday Collections


Bank Holidays

During the Easter holidays, collections will operate as normal on Good Friday. However, as no collections will be made on Easter Monday, your refuse and recycling will be collected a day later than normal for this week (i.e. if your collection in usually a Monday then the collection will be made on a Tuesday and so on).  Normal services will resume the following week.

Following the May Day, Whitsun and August bank holiday Mondays, all collections will also be made a day later than normal. 

Collection information over Christmas and New Year can be found on the recycling calendar which is specific to your property.  Calendars can be viewed below.  Please note that the garden waste service will be suspended from Saturday 24 December and will resume on Monday 9 January 2017.

Recycling Calendars 2016-17

Recycling calendars for the period 1 August 2016 - 31 March 2017 can be viewed below. 

If you are unsure which day and zone applies to your property you can find this information by entering your postcode in to the online collection calendar tool and selecting your property from the drop down list (your zone will be displayed in the lower right hand corner).  The collection calendar tool is also a quick way to check your most current collection information.

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