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Fly Tipping

Fly-tipped tyresFly-tipping is the illegal deposit of any waste dumped on to any land or highway not licensed to accept it. Wastes include general household waste, larger domestic items i.e. fridges and furniture etc, garden refuse, commercial waste such as builders rubble and soil, clinical waste and tyres. 

Fly-tipping can be dangerous, pollutes land and waterways and costs council tax payers significant amounts of money to clear away. If you witness a fly-tipping incident and there is conclusive evidence, we will prosecute the offenders wherever we can. Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence that carries a fine of up to £50,000 or even a 5 year prison sentence.
Any traders removing waste from your household should be licensed with the Environment Agency to do so. This can be checked by phoning 08708 506506 and requesting an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check. You can also check online at

Fly-tipped bags of rubbishGloucestershire County Council and the Forest of Dean District Council provide waste disposal sites and recycling centres where you can safely and legally dispose of unwanted items. Use this link for more information on waste and recycling.

The council also provides a good quality furniture recycling and bulky items collection service. This service is able to take bulky household items such as three piece suites, fridges, freezers, metal goods and many other types of household furniture.


What to do if you discover fly-tipped waste 

  • DO NOT touch the waste - it may contain syringes, broken glass, asbestos, toxic chemicals or other hazardous substances
  • DO NOT disturb the site - there may be evidence that could help identify the fly-tippers and lead to their prosecution
  • DO visually try to  work out what the waste consists of and how much there is
  • DO make a note of the day, date and time you saw the tipping incident, its exact location and whether it is in or near water


If you see someone fly-tipping make a note of:

  • how many people are involved and what they look like
  • what has been tipped - how much and what it looks like
  • details of any vehicles involved including make, colour and registration number if possible


How to report fly-tipping

Responsibility for fly-tipping is split between the Environment Agency and local authorities. The Forest of Dean District Council deals with small scale fly-tipping, while the Environment Agency works to tackle fly-tipping of a more serious nature; the big, the bad and the nasty, including incidents involving hazardous wastes which pose risks to the environment and human health.
For small scale fly-tipping incidents please contact us on 01594 810000. Large scale fly-tipping incidents can be reported to the Environment Agency on their National helpline 0800 807060. If you are in any doubt about whether it is a large scale incident please contact us in the first instance.