Building Control & Regulations


Building Regulations are a Government requirement that outline a minimum standard of building construction and health and safety within the built environment.

Building controlOur aim is to ensure, within practical limits, that any buildings being constructed, extended or converted are in compliance with such regulations and that they provide a safe, healthy, convenient, accessible and efficient environment for all.

Please note that Building Regulations approval is different to obtaining planning permission, the Building Regulations deal with health and safety in and around the building rather than giving the initial permission to build.

If you are having building work carried out you will have health and safety responsibilities to consider in and around the building and to people working on site and to the public and you will need to notify us before starting work on a project that requires consent.

Our website holds all the information that you will need for you to make a Building Regulations Application, however if you wish to speak to an officer contact numbers are provided.

Building Control Applications

To view building control application via our public access portal click here: Building Control Applications