Affordable housing

We appreciate that many people who live in the district, even those who earn a reasonable income, can have problems finding somewhere to live. This can be especially true of people who wish to establish their own home in the area and people who need a new home following a relationship breakdown.

Affordable housingAffordable housing helps people who are unable to afford to buy on the open market or rent private housing, gain access to housing. These pages offer you a step by step guide to finding you an affordable home in the Forest of Dean.

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Affordable rented properties

There are over 4,400 social rented properties provided by Housing Associations within the Forest of Dean. Details of what's currently available and the application procedure can be found in this section.

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Affordable home ownership

The aim of affordable home ownership is to provide people who cannot afford to purchase a suitable property on the open market, alternative ways of achieving home ownership. In this section, you will find details about these methods along with availability lists of properties in the Forest of dean.

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Agents and Developers

Affordable housing information

As part of our planning policies, 40% of all developments of 15 or more in the market towns and 5 or more in villages are required to be 'affordable'. In our developer and agents section there is more detail explaining how to approach this requirement.

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Housing tenancy strategy

The Housing Tenancy Strategy concerns the management of affordable rented homes within the district and looks at how we might best use this important but limited resource.

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Housing Association

The Forest of Dean District Council work in partnership with local housing associations to both house people in the district and develop new homes.

Find details of all the Housing Associations operating within the district.