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Selling to the council


Procurement is the purchase of goods and/or services. Each year the Council spends over £5 million on a range of goods and services from stationery to refuse collection and street cleaning.

Terms & Conditions

The Forest of Dean District Council has agreed standard terms and condition with its GO partners (Cheltenham Borough, West Oxfordshire District and Cotswold District Councils).  These can be viewed on the following links:

Whistleblowing for contractors, suppliers and their employees


The Council takes allegations of fraud or corruption involving its activities seriously and has procedures in place to ensure these are investigated and appropriate action taken.


Contractors and suppliers of goods and services to the Council are encouraged to raise any suspicions without recrimination, providing these are not made maliciously or unfounded.  They are also expected to ensure their own staff are made aware that they can raise their own concerns.


The Whistleblowing leaflet explains what to do if fraud or corruption is suspected and provides details of who can be contacted.


Procurement strategy 

The Council has developed a procurement strategy that describes the contribution that effective procurement will make to the fulfilment of its vision and objectives. Procurement Strategy

What we currently buy

The Council holds a register of all contracts we award and when these are due to be awarded, all contracts over £5,000 are shown in the Procurement Register July 2015

When tenders to provide goods or services are invited, the Council has to impose strict rules to ensure proper governance is maintained.  This may result in tenders being rejected if they do not follow the instructions given.  The 10 Pitfalls to Avoid gives further guidance when submitting your tender.

We want to build effective relationships with our suppliers and service providers in order to achieve our objectives. If you are interested in supplying us or would like more information on the council’s procurement process please call Mike Butler on 01594 812538 or e mail 

Procurement Opportunities Within Gloucestershire

There are further opportunities to sell goods and service to other Gloucestershire local authorities.  The following links take you to the website detailing these opportunities: 


The Council is also involved in collaborative procurement with its GO Shared Services partners.  The document Information sheet GO Shared Services Procurement explains how procurement through this partnership takes place and details how to register interest in becoming a supplier too all partners vie Delta eSourcing.

Conduct of Employees

The Forest of Dean District Council expects the highest standards of conduct from all of its employees, elected Members and representatives, requiring them to conduct themselves in a way that ensures that high standards of services and the reputation of the Council are maintained.

When dealing with Contractors  – all relationships of a business or private nature with external Contractors or potential Contractors must be made known and recorded as a declaration of Personal Interests.


Orders and Contracts must be awarded on merit, by fair competition against other Tenders and without unfair discrimination.  In particular, decisions must not be influenced by the offer of gifts or hospitality.  The code of conduct for all employees of the Council details what is the acceptable action by an Officer should they be approached with an offer of a gift or hospitality, this extract is given here Officer Code of ConductThe Code of Conduct is intended to protect employees and representatives of the Council from misunderstanding or criticism.  Failure to observe the Code or any of the additional Policies, Regulations, Standards or Codes of Conduct referred to may lead to disciplinary action in accordance with the Council’s Disciplinary Procedure.  If an offer of a gift or hospitality was made which was regarded as attempted fraud, bribery or corruption, this may lead to a conviction and prevention from providing work to any Public Sector body under the Public Contracts regulations 2006.