Through my councillor

Contact your councillor
One of the most important jobs of a councillor is to make sure that they understand the needs and concerns of the people they represent. If you have views or concerns about a service provided by your council, then make sure your local councillor knows. You can contact your councillor by getting in touch with the Democratic Services Team (tel 01594 812623, email or the council website

The forward plan
The cabinet is your council’s main decision making body and its work is managed through a forward plan. The plan lists all of the key decisions that the cabinet will take over the coming months and is updated regularly on the council’s website. It gives you information on who will be consulted, when decisions are due to be made and background documents. The forward plan gives you the opportunity to raise any concerns that you have about a particular issue with your local councillor before the cabinet makes its decision. Your local councillor can pursue your concerns for you. Alternatively you can contact the appropriate cabinet portfolio holder.