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Through the scrutiny committees

Scrutiny is one of the most challenging aspects of the democratic process at the Forest of Dean District Council. Offering a new dimension to decision-making in local government, the scrutiny and review committee plays a vital role to service improvement, promoting the well being of local communities and to the championing of public concerns.

To achieve some of the key aims introduced by the Local Government Act 2000, it is hoped public scrutiny will be conducted in ways that are open and transparent to everyone, whilst focussing on the needs and concerns of the public.
As a general principle, members of the public are not invited to take part in discussions or debates during committee meetings of the Forest of Dean District Council. However, to reflect the work of the Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee in seeking information on issues specifically relating to the people who live and work within the Forest of Dean, the council supports public participation during the Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee committee meetings.
You may ask questions relevant to the business of the Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee. You may also suggest items for scrutiny. In both cases you must do so in writing at least two clear working days before the committee meeting. Before writing, please refer to the protocol, by following this link Protocol for public speaking at scrutiny committee meetings
If you would like help or clarification, please contact Democratic Services on 01594 812623