Street trading

Street trading

Street trading is selling or offering for sale any article in the street from a van, stall etc.  The term ‘street’ includes part of any road, footway, beach or other area to which the public have access to without payment. You must have land owner consent. Fees vary according to what is being sold and where the trading takes place.

A Street Trading Consent will last for a maximum of twelve months following the date of issue (unless otherwise stated).

Please see the street trading information pack (as download please, attached) for more information regarding conditions and prohibited streets.


Street Trading Annual803.00759.00
Street Trading Quarterly216.00205.00
Street Trading Seasonal (March to October) 543.00N/A



Apply to become a street trader

Application to change a street trading licence

What happens next

We will consult with the Police, Highways Authority, Parish/Town Council and the Ward District Councillor(s) before we make a decision.