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Allocations Plan


The Allocations Plan will show how the proposals in the Core Strategy will be implemented. Together with the Core Strategy and the Cinderford Northern Quarter Area Action Plan (CNQAAP) it will form the new Local Plan for the Forest of Dean.

The primary role of the Allocations Plan is to provide the detail of how and where policies in the Core Strategy will be implemented. It will contain allocations for development but also protective designations and will also include revised defined settlement boundaries. It  will sit within the context of the Core Strategy and has to be in conformity with it.

The Allocations Plan will replace the remaining parts of the old style 2005 Local Plan Review which have not been replaced by either the Core Strategy or the CNQAAP. The new document will include sites for housing, employment, shopping and other built This stage is a formal part of the process and represents the last opportunity to comment on the Allocations Plan and accompanying Sustainability Appraisal (SA) before it is submitted to the Secretary of State. The Publication Plan, along with the representations received during the eight week period will be formally submitted to the Secretary of State for Public Examination. development but also areas that need to be protected including the green spaces within settlements and sites of ecological and historical importance.  Many of the existing sites are expected to be retained.  Where they have planning permission then these are commitments which will be reflected in the new document.  Others appropriate to the Core Strategy will also expect to remain where they can be demonstrated to remain able to be implemented and appropriate for the Core Strategy.  The Allocations Plan will include detailed maps for the whole area.

The new document will be the bridge between the strategic and the very local, and will closely guide future planning applications.  It needs to ensure that the Core Strategy can be implemented and it covers the entire District except for the Cinderford Northern Quarter. 
Because it is the link between the Core Strategy and individual sites and settlements, the Allocations Plan has an important role in implementing the government’s wish to plan locally, taking into account the views of local communities.  The Forest of Dean District Council consider that local communities’ involvement at this stage is vital and that it is also the key to realisation of Localism. 

Submission Draft 

It is anticipated that the Allocations Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State in August 2015. This will be followed by an examination of the Allocations Plan by an independent inspector.


Publication Version - 25th March 2015 to 20th May 2015

The Allocations Plan was approved for Publication at the Full Council meeting on 26th February 2015.  The Council invited comments on the Publication Version of the Allocations Plan between Wednesday 25th March 2015 and Wednesday 20th May 2015.  

The comments received during the eight week period may now be viewed on the consultation portal.
You may view the Allocations Plan here.
  • online via the consultation portal
  • at The  Forest of Dean Council Offices in Coleford Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.45pm and Friday 9am to 4.30pm
  • at all local libraries including Gloucester and Chepstow during their opening hours.


Publication Documents

Allocations Plan
Allocations Plan Publication Version March 2015

Statement of Representation Procedure


Previous Stages

Allocations Plan Interim Draft for Council, 26th February 2015

The draft Allocations Plan was the subject of extensive consultation in July 2014 following its approval and endorsement by Council as a draft plan. Following the consultation and the consideration of the representations together with other relevant matters the Allocations Plan has been reviewed and revised. The Allocations Plan Interim Draft for Council, 26th February 2015 is available below and the committee report for Full Council is available here. Formal approval of the revised plan is now sought together with approval to submit the Allocations Plan to the Secretary of State. The Alocations Plan is underpinned by the processes of Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and accompanied by a revised assessment of housing need and the required Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA).
Allocations Plan (Please note that the links on this version are no longer correct)

Allocations Plan Pre-Publication Consultation 21 July 2014 to 15th September 2014

Between Monday 21st July 2014 and Monday 15th September 2014 comments were invited on the Forest of Dean District Allocations Plan Pre-Publication Draft. This Allocations Plan Draft for Consultation (21 July 2014) was intended to provide an informal opportunity to comment and contribute to the final version of the plan. 
The documents may be viewed below
Allocations Plan Pre Publication Draft, 21July 2014
Emerging Allocation Plan Map 21st July 2014
Comments received between the 21 July 2014 ad 15 September 2014 and the draft officer response may be viewed on the Local Plan consultation page

Committee Meetings

The Allocations Plan Draft for Consultation 17 July 2014 (which incorporates minor amendments following the June Cabinet meeting) was presented to Full Council on 17th July 2014. The Committee report and minutes are available here.
The Draft Allocation Plan to be considered at July 2014 Full Council Meeting is available below.
The Draft Allocations Plan was presented to Cabinet on 12th June 2014. The committee report is available here.
It was resolved to recommend that the amended draft of the Allocations plan be approved for consultation. The Draft Allocation Plan considered at the June cabinet meeting is available below

Allocations Development Plan Document Consultation - 1st May to 27th July 2012  

Over the period 1st May 2012 until 27th July 2012, submissions were invited in respect of the new Allocations Development Plan Document (ADPD) and what it should contain.
The brief for the Allocations DPD is available to view just click here
Council's responses to consultation comments. - May 2013

The Officers recommendations to the comments received were ratified at Cabinet on 18th April 2013 and approved at Full Council on 24th May 2013. The comments received along with the Councils response can be viewed in the document Allocations DPD Responses to May 2012 Consultation or from the Council's Local Plan Consultation Page. The Agenda and minutes from the Full Council meeting may be viewed here.


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