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Community Grant 2017-18 - round 2 of funding now open

Fifteen local community groups have been awarded a share of £13,997 from the Community Grant so far this year. We have a total of £6,128 now available in a second round of funding. This is on a first come, first served basis.

To apply please:

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For details of projects who have already received a Community Grant 2017-18 please:

Forest Youth Activities Fund 2017-18

This grant is now closed to applications.  Young people aged 11-19 from the Forest of Dean District area are currently taking part in the consultation and decision making process for this grant.  For further information please:

For details of projects receiving a Forest Youth Activities Fund 2016-17 grant please:

Community Safety Partnership Grant 2017-18

A grant is now available for projects to help reduce crime and fear of crime in the Forest of Dean. The total amount of funding available for 2017-18 is £7,300.

Non-constituted groups can apply for up to £500 and constituted groups can apply for up to the maximum amount available. This fund is open to applications until it is fully allocated. Projects must cover the six Police and Crime Plan priorities:

  • Accessibility and accountability
  • Older but not overlooked
  • Young people becoming adults
  • Safe days and nights for all
  • Safe and social driving
  • Safer cyber

For more information on these priorities please: visit Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Police and Crime Plan priorities

To apply please:

For details of projects receiving a Community Safety Partnership Fund 2015-17 grant please:

Community Defibrillator Grant 2017-18

Grant towards community defibrillators

A grant of up to £500 is currently available for Parishes, Wards and Towns towards the cost of publicly available community defibrillators. Cardiac Science can provide an excellent value for money package which is £1,495 plus VAT. This includes the following:

  • defibrillator unit
  • external casing
  • free theft insurance
  • training to local residents in how to use the unit and
  • all pads for 8 years. 

We recommend this offer for your community and it is approved by our Ambulance Service.   

Grant towards protective heated casing for community defibrillators

We are also now able to offer a grant of £250 to Parishes who already have a defibrillator unit but need the protective heated casing to enable it to be publicly available 24 hours a day.  Cardiac Science can provide this casing for a special price of £399 plus VAT.

For details of Parishes, Wards and Towns receiving a Community Defibrillator Grant in 2015-18:

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Funding advice for community groups and organisations

We fund Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC) to provide detailed advice on funding for your organisation, please:

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