Urgent notices & public announcements

Land off Longhope School, School Lane Church Road, Longhope- P0471/17/FUL

The above application has been withdrawn from the schedule and will not be considered at Planning Committee on Tuesday 10 April. It will be presented to Planning Committee at a later date. The reason for this is that Natural England has raised an objection, and the applicant has revised the scheme in order to seek to overcome the objection. This will require further consultation to be undertaken. 

Retention of motocross racing tracks with amended access at Yorkley Court Farm, Lydney Road, Yorkley. Application reference- P1949/17/FUL

This development was previously the subject of a report to planning committee where authority to issue an enforcement notice was given. That authority was given with a caveat that the developer/owner/operator be given the opportunity to submit a planning application. If that application wasn’t forthcoming within 2 months then the enforcement action could commence. Consequently enforcement notices were served and have come into force. The period for appeal has passed and the requirements of the notice are required to be complied with. This safeguards the Council’s position.

The enforcement action taken was against the development that had been undertaken and the continuing use because the impacts were considered to be unacceptable. With no planning application to consider there was no other way to control the development other than to seek its complete removal. We could not consider any limits to the undertaking or require any mitigation that might make it acceptable.

The submission of this planning application does not change the position in relation to the enforcement action that has been taken nor does it indicate any acceptance by this Council that the development is or could be made acceptable. However, it does afford the applicant the opportunity to demonstrate how they propose to limit impacts. The Council, through its planning committee, can then determine if they consider that any changes by the applicant alongside the neighbour and consultees responses alters the situation sufficiently such that planning permission could be granted and what conditions should be applied. If they are not satisfied that the impacts can be mitigated to an acceptable degree then they can refuse planning permission. As the opportunity to limit the impacts is a significant change to the situation previously before the Council the application has been accepted.

With regard to neighbour notification, the Council is governed by the relevant regulations when dealing with an application. This specifies a minimum consultation period of 21 days which has been afforded and will be extended to accommodate any further consultation with neighbours. Furthermore, Site Notices will also be posted on site shortly. We will however accept any representations up until the application is determined. It is important that people make their views known as early as possible so that relevant material considerations can be evaluated by the case officer in preparing his recommendation of the proposal.

We do publish applications in the Forester when formal publicity is required and this application will appear in the 10 January addition. Due to the lead in time required for such notices, this is the earliest edition within which it could be published following the formal validation of the application.

Clive Reynolds, Development Manager