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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - For information on changes to our services, how to get help, support your community, advice and grants for employers and businesses visit our Coronavirus pages.

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Coronavirus business grants

Grants update

Update on Restart grants

Thank you to everyone that has responded to the Restart Grants email we sent to eligible businesses requesting the additional information we need to process payments in line with Government rules.

We have had an excellent response to date but there are still many who may be eligible but have not yet provided us with the information we need. If you haven’t responded, please check your inbox.

If you have received a grant from us since November 2020 but have not had an email, please check the eligibility on our website to make sure your business qualifies.
We are now paying those businesses that have responded with the correct information. Due to the high number of applications payments will take time to process over the coming weeks so thank you in advance for your patience.
For those that haven’t received a grant from us before but think they may be eligible for the Restart Grant, please see the application below.

Update on Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG)

We have revised the criteria for the ARG to support local businesses based on local needs. We have changed our scheme to extend vital additional support to those businesses that continue to be severely affected by Covid but are ineligible for the Restart funds.

The improved application form below will enable more businesses to access financial support quickly. But hurry as applications need to be received by 12 May.

What you need to do to apply for a grant

Follow the guidance and eligibility criteria on this page to see what business grant support you are entitled to.

You will not need to reapply if you:

  • have made a previous successful application since November 2020
  • applied for a grant during or after November 2020 but have not yet been successful. We will contact you to discuss your application.

You will need to apply for a grant if you:

  • have not received, or applied for, a grant during or after November,
  • were unsuccessful in your previous application

Types of grant

The application form(s) are for the following business grants: 

  • Local Restrictions Support Grant - from 16 Feb to 31 March 2021
  • Restart Grant - from 1 April 2021
  • Additional Restrictions Grant - from 1 April 2021 – closes 12 May

How to apply for a business grant

Complete the form linked below.

We will confirm receipt of your application by email. We understand the urgency and importance of these grants. We are expecting a high level of demand and will process the grants as fast as we can. We will let you know the outcome by email. 

Applicants should fill in the relevant form as soon as you can. Make sure that you submit all the information requested as incomplete applications can experience significant delays. Once you have made an application check your emails and respond to any requests for further information as quickly as possible.

LRSG and Restart Grants

Use this form if you meet these three criteria:

  1. You were mandated to close by national restrictions. This applies to hospitality, leisure and sports facilities, non-essential retail, accommodation, entertainment venues and personal care facilities. This includes businesses that have had to close the main part of their business but have adapted their business model to provide a reduced service e.g. takeaway or click and collect.
  2. You are liable to pay business rates, even if your bill for this year is £0 due to reliefs or exemptions
  3. You were operating a business that was open as usual and providing an in person service to customers from the business premises on the day before national restrictions coming in

You are not eligible if any of the following apply and you:

  • do not have a business rates account
  • are not required to close by law during national lockdown periods
  • have a business that mainly provided takeaway or click and collect services before government restrictions came in
  • have already received grant payments that equal the maximum levels of state aid permitted under the De Minimis and the Covid-19 Temporary State Aid framework
Grants for closed rate paying businesses (LRSG and Restart Grants)

Additional Restrictions Grants

Use this form to apply if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • you were mandated to close by national restrictions. This applies to market traders, bed and breakfasts, charity properties, travel companies, tenant publicans, business supplying goods and service to retail, leisure and events sector, SMEs in shared offices or flexible workspaces. Those working from home who are not eligible for the self-employed income support scheme (SEISS), or coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS) and have high fixed business costs. Mobile self-employed persons in receipt of SEISS, such as hairdresser and taxi drivers who have identifiable fixed costs whether related to a property, vehicle or business.  You may still apply if you do not fall within these groups but will not receive priority when allocating funds. No applicant is guaranteed to receive a grant due to the limited funds available to the Council
  • your business can be considered as actively trading as at 1 April 2021 (this includes if you were under instructions to remain closed on this date from previous restrictions)
  • you are a rate-paying businesses but do not fit the eligibility criteria for the Restart grant
  • you have been severely financially impacted by national or local restrictions, regardless of whether or not you are liable to pay business rates, and/or have high fixed property costs 

You should not apply if:

  • you are able to continue to trade because the business can operate its services effectively in a remote way; such as accountants and solicitors
  • you have chosen to close but were not required to do so
  • you have not been severely financially impacted as a result of the current restrictions
  • you were instructed to close during national restrictions and you are liable to pay business rates. If this is the case you should apply via the application form for Grants for rate paying businesses closed by national restrictions
  • the business has already received grant payments that equal the maximum subsidy levels as set out in the Trade and Corporate Agreement with the European Union
  • the business is in administration, is insolvent or where a striking off notice has been made
  • the business was not trading on 1 April 2021
  • the business has continued to trade online during recent restrictions; and continue to do so from 1 April 2021
  • the business has received a Restart Grant
  • the directors receive dividends
Grants for other closed businesses (ARG Grants)