Animal boarding licence

You will need a licence to run a boarding kennel or cattery or to board dogs in your own home. The number of dogs and cats that may be accommodated will be written on the licence along with other specific conditions.

The licence is valid for one year only.

Apply for animal boarding licence

Renew your animal boarding licence

You can also apply by downloading the application form and sending it to the licensing department.  Please note that if you apply for a home boarding licence online you will need to make the payment separately by calling 01594 810000 and quote payment code R9609 REG002.  This is due to the online system only allowing you to pay for a commercial premises application.

Fees for animal boarding licence

Commercial Boarding

Small (up to 12 cats & dogs)  New £111.00 - Renewal £103.00

Medium (12 to 24 cats & dogs)  New £125.00 - Renewal £110.00

Large (25 or more cats & dogs)  New £149.00 - Renewal £118.00

Home Boarding

New £89.00 - Renewal £82.00

Animal boarding licence application process 

We will arrange to carry out an inspection to make sure your premises meet the required standards.