Biffa ‘heroes’ reunited with Dymock resident helped in the snow

Two of Biffa’s refuse crew have been hailed as heroes after going to the aid of an 80-year old Dymock resident who had fallen in the snow last December which resulted in a broken hip and a two-hour wait for the emergency services.

Julia Grant-Duff was found lying on the ground at Tillers Green Lane by driver Dave Edmunds and loader Callum Mudway whilst out on their round, after she slipped on the ice following the recent heavy snowfall on the morning of 14 December last year.

Following surgery at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and weeks of convalescing, Mrs Grant-Duff and her rescuers – both who are employed at Biffa’s Cinderford depot which delivers waste and recycling services on behalf of the Forest of Dean District Council - were pleased to be reunited this week.

Mrs Grant-Duff, who is recovering well from her injury, said: ‘I am so grateful for the care and attention shown by the Biffa crew, and can’t thank them enough. I am sure if they hadn’t come along and stopped when they did my situation would have gotten much worse. I was in a lot of pain, in shock from the fall and extremely cold but Dave and Callum stayed with me, keeping me warm with their jackets and fleeces, until the ambulance and air ambulance arrived. I’m very pleased to say that I am now on the mend and it’s been lovely to be able to see them both again in much happier circumstances.’

James Walker, depot manager at Biffa, Cinderford said: ‘We are all very proud of how Dave and Cullum reacted when faced with the situation they encountered that morning. They contacted the emergency services immediately and redirected traffic for over two hours until the air ambulance arrived and made sure the resident was kept as warm and comfortable as best they could, given the freezing weather conditions. Mrs Grant-Duff and her sister had already contacted the depot over Christmas to offer their thanks for all that they did, and we would certainly echo these sentiments.’

‘While the actions of these two individuals are to be applauded, I would like to give my own personal thanks to the remaining crews which were also out collecting that day and who rallied to make sure the round of the two operatives was covered, in what was not the easiest of working conditions, while Dave and Callum waited with the resident until medical assistance could arrive.’




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