District Councillor becomes a Community Dementia Link

District Councillor Julia Gooch is urging local councillors to get a better understanding of dementia and think about how they can best use their skills and connections to raise awareness and enable better support in their communities.   

Julia recently completed a Community Dementia Link course and is happy to buddy other councillors interested in getting involved.

Julia was joined on the course by two other residents, one of which was Eliza Taylor, an 18 year old former Newent Community School pupil.  The other, Martin Bills, a former university lecturer is using his knowledge of music to develop activities for people living with dementia.  

Cabinet member, Cllr Julia Gooch said: “There are lots of ways that local councillors can make a difference and it doesn’t need to take up a huge amount of time, but the impact on the community can be significant.

“I’m aware that some councillors are already learning about dementia and some have already signed up to the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance.

“I urge other councillors to sign up to show their support on this important issue.  Working together we can help to make the Forest of Dean a better place to live.”

Andy Morgan-Watts, Dementia Champion added: “We welcome councillors to the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance.  Ultimately we would like to see every town and parish council become a member of the Alliance by the end of this year.”

For more information about Dementia Community Link training or the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance, contact Lena Maller, Community Engagement Officer on 01594 812609, email lena.maller@fdean.gov.uk.  Additional information is available by visiting our Dementia Awareness page.


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