Have your say on payphone removals

BT has consulted the Council on the removal of 27 public payphones and kiosks and have placed consultation notices on the relevant payphones.

If you have any comments please send them to the Local Plan Team by 22 August 2019.

There are currently 27 public payphones in the Forest of Dean which have been identified and proposed for removal by BT.

To ensure that the local community are fully informed, BT has placed consultation notices on the relevant payphones including the date the notices were posted on the payphones. BT are giving 42 days from the date posted for the public to comment.

This consultation process also gives local communities the opportunity to adopt a traditional red ‘heritage’ phone box and make them an asset that local people can enjoy. Previously, adopted phone boxes have become miniature libraries, homes for defibrillators and other assets to their communities. It’s a very simple procedure that can be done by the private land owner, a registered charity, the local parish or town council or the Forest of Dean District Council and the process costs just £1 - http://bt.com/adopt

The West Dean Parish Council, for example, have recently adopted 14 phone boxes and plans to work with local communities to transform them into arts installations, defibrillator-stations and a host of other things. 

BT has stated in their letter; “Overall use of payphones has declined by over 90 per cent in the last decade and the need to provide payphones for use in emergency situations is diminishing all the time, with at least 98 per cent of the UK having either 3G or 4G coverage.  This is important because as long as there is network coverage, it’s now possible to call the emergency services, even when there is no credit or no coverage from your own mobile provider.”

To have your say on the fate of the phone kiosks, email the Local Plan Team at localplans@fdean.gov.uk or write to: Local Plans, Forest of Dean District Council, High Street, Coleford, Glos. GL16 8HG

View a list of all proposed removals.