Are your home improvements compliant?

The season of DIY and home improvements is here, with many people across the district taking advantage of the nicer weather to have certain jobs done around the house, including having a new boiler, new cavity insulation or possibly extending the electricity supply out to the shed in readiness for some summer tinkering!

What is Building Control?

Many jobs in the home need to be notified to and approved as being compliant with Building Regulations by a Building Control Body, either your Local Authority Building Control or a private sector Approved Inspector. That is, unless the work is carried out by installers registered with a Competent Person Scheme who can self certify that their work is compliant. You should be given and retain for your records a certificate to prove the installation was made by a Competent Person.

It is important that such jobs are undertaken by professionals, or checked by Building Control officers

It may be that the job has been done incorrectly or to outdated standards, and in future if you come to sell your home, each item will need to be seen as safe. Particularly in the cases of heating, insulation, electricity and plumbing.  Not having the appropriate certification available could introduce delay and cost to what is already recognised as one of the most stressful life experiences. Getting things checked after they have been fitted may be problematic and require remedial work or redecoration.

If you would prefer to contact somebody about your potential building work, call the Building Control Team on 01594 812315.