European election: deadline for proxy vote applications is 15 May

The next scheduled election to take place in the Forest of Dean District will be the European Parliamentary election on Thursday 23 May 2019. The Forest of Dean is part of the South West Region represented by six MEPs.

Electors who are unable to go to the polling station on election day can still appoint a proxy (someone to vote on their behalf).  The deadline for receipt of proxy applications is 5pm on Wednesday 15 May. A person appointed as a proxy must be a registered elector and will need to go to the polling station allocated to the elector.

All application forms for proxy votes require the requestor's signature and can be emailed to

Please remember to check your poll card for your allocated polling station.

If you have a question visit the ‘Upcoming elections’ page on our website, call 01594 812692, or email

Find out everything you need to know about voting in the UK at


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