LoveYourForest anti-litter campaign 2018

#LoveYourForest is an innovative anti-litter campaign which was first launched in the Forest of Dean in 2016 by environmental charity Hubbub and Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS).  Supported by the Forest of Dean District Council and the Forestry Commission the campaign aimed to highlight the issue of rural litter and look at new ways of encouraging those that drop litter to stop.

A pop-up convenience store (displaying items of collected litter), primary school visits, cigarette butt voting bins, roadside signage and 'communitrees' (faces made from litter and then displayed on trees throughout the district at litter hotspots) were just some of the activities undertaken in 2016.

In 2017, Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism and Foresters' Forest also came on board to help tackle this important issue.  During this year, Hubbub and LRS launched the Trashconverter Van which toured the district, exchanging collected litter for rewards.

What's happening in 2018

Forest of Dean District Council Car Window Sticker Competition

As a supporting partner and with a focus on roadside litter, the Forest of Dean District Council is running for the second year a car window sticker competition during June, July and August.  To take part residents just need to pick up their free car window sticker from one of the participating outlets and display it in their vehicle.  If you cannot find an outlet near you we would be happy to post you a sticker (simply call our customer services team on 01594 810000 or email to request this).

Each week (from 25 June - 31 August 2018 inclusive) a car number plate (or multiple plates if number of prizes allow) will be drawn at random from all those spotted.  Winning number plates will be published in The Forest Review, on Twitter (#LoveYourForest) and Facebook ( and on this web page.

Digital editions of the Forest of Wye Valley Review can be viewed on their website.

The sticker design is not changing so residents who are still displaying their sticker from last year will not need a new one.

Trashconverter Schedule 2018

Are you interested in visiting the Trashcoverter trailer?  The Trashconverter will be out and about at events across the district swapping treats for collected litter.   

A list of forthcoming dates and locations is given below:

Saturday 23 June

S'kool Fest at St John's School, Coleford GL16 8DU (2.00-6.00pm)

Sunday 15 July

Coleford Music Festival

Over 250 tonnes of litter are collected each year in the Forest of Dean.  Whether it is the financial cost to the tax payer to clear it up, the harm to wildlife or how it detracts from our local environment and impacts on the local economy, litter affects us all.  By supporting the Love Your Forest campaign you can help us take a stand against litter and keep the Forest of Dean a beautiful place to live, work and visit.