Payment of Housing Benefit

Payments over Christmas period

If you are due to receive:

  • a fortnightly payment on 25 December 2018, you will receive this payment on 24 December 2018
  • an interim payment on 1 January 2019 you will receive this on the 2 January 2019

All other payments are unaffected and will be paid as normal.

Paying Benefit into a bank account

If you can get assistance we can pay the money directly into your bank account - to do this:

  • Either put your bank accounts details on your claim form
  • or call the benefit team on 01594 812531.

Payment of Housing Benefit to landlords

In some circumstances we understand that the applicant may need payments to be made straight to their landlord. These circumstances could be that the applicant has:

  • learning difficulties
  • medical conditions
  • mental health problems
  • inability to open a bank account
  • debt problems
  • a history of rent or utility service arrears
  • undischarged bankruptcy
  • previous evictions

Landlords can be paid direct:

For more information on how payments can be made to landlords, please: