Examination Docs (ED049 - ED066)

ED049 - ED066:

Documents and correspondence prepared / submitted in relation to the Examination:

ED049 Report to Council for 21 September 2016 Full Council meeting to consider the proposed Main Modifications to the Allocations Plan following the Inspector's Interim Findings (FoDDC, Sep 2016) - approved. (FoDDC, Sep 2016)

ED050 Summary of FoDDC response to Inspector's Interim Findings (Sept 2016)

ED051 FoDDC AP Housing supply and trajectory (22.9.2016)

ED052a FoDDC draft text for MMs - new or amended housing allocations (July 2016)

ED052b FoDDC draft text for MMs - AP OAN number change (23.9.16)

ED052c FoDDC draft text for MMs - changes to canal policy AP9 (Sept 2016)

ED053 FoDDC AP Housing land supply and need update (22.9.16)

ED054 FoDDC AP Heritage Keynote (Sept 2016)

ED055 FoDDC AP Flood Risk Keynote (Sept 2016)

ED056 FoDDC AP Contamination Keynote (July 2016) 

ED057 FoD Allocations Plan - Sustainability Appraisal Addendum following proposed modifications - Sept 2016

ED058 FoD Allocations Plan - Habitats Regulations Assessment Addendum following proposed modifications - Sept 2016

ED059  FoD Allocations Plan - HRA-SA modification recommendations - Sept 2016 

ED060 Email correspondence from Mr Darke, Mrs Stickler, Ms Jenkins and Mrs Hall, and the Inspector's response regarding proposed site allocation at Augustus Way (Allaston) and Lydney NDP (Sep/Oct 2016):


ED061 Inspector's Reply to Council Proposals on Interim Findings (11.10.16) & Inspector's covering letter (11.10.16)  

ED062 FoDDC Initial Response to Inspector's Reply to FoDDC IF Proposals 17.10.16

ED062a Note on Older Peoples housing, Self-build accommodation and Starter Homes in response to the Inspector’s IF paras 69, 70 & 71(FoDDC, 10.10.2016)

ED063 Inspector's Reply to Council & Further Clarification 18.10.16 

ED064 Full Council Meeting Agenda on 20 October 2016 – please see Chairman’s Announcements at item 5.3 of the Agenda for the Allocations Plan Update.

ED065 Council correspondence to Inspector re request for guidance / housing supply (1.11.16):


ED066 Inspector's Reply to Council's Housing Requirement Note and email (9.11.16)

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