Further changes December 2016

Following the examination hearings for the Allocations Plan in January and February 2016, and receipt of  the Inspector's Interim Findings in June 2016, further changes were required to the Allocations Plan. (These were in addition to any modifications discussed at the examination hearings which are likely to be incorporated into the final plan) These further changes were the subject of a public consultation in order for the Inspector to consider if they should go forward as main modifications to the Plan. 

Consultation: 19 December 2016-13 February 2017 (now closed)

During the 8 week consultation from Monday 19 December 2016 until 12 noon on Monday 13 February 2017 we asked you to comment on the Proposed Further Changes to the Allocations Plan, Sustainability Appraisal and supporting documents.

This Consultation was only about the proposed Further Changes and not any other aspects of the plan. The further changes are put forward without prejudice to the Inspector’s final conclusion on the plan. All representations about the Further Changes will be taken into account by the Inspector.

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Allocation plan further changes: consultation documents

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Allocations Plan further changes supporting documents

Full Council Meetings agendas and minutes

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