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Landscape character

The Forest of Dean has a rich and varied natural environment, which helps to define the essential landscape character of the local area, and contributes to its biological diversity. 

The Council aims to ensure that our landscapes and the wildlife they contain, are protected and enhanced appropriately, in order to follow national planning guidance and local planning policies, whilst also meeting the needs of development. 

Planning advice notes

We have produced a series of advice notes for planning applicants to provide information on how these issues can be incorporated into a development, and to explain what information needs to be provided within a planning application. 

Landscape Character Assessment

A Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) for the Forest of Dean was done in 2002 and widely distributed in 2004.

The LCA explains what the landscape of each place is like and what makes one place different to another. It assumes that every place is special and distinctive and sets out to show just how and where these special qualities and distinctive features occur. The character assessment identified fifteen landscape character types across the district and 42 landscape character areas.

In terms of planning the Landscape Character Assessment is supported by the Forest of Dean District Landscape Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Draft Landscape Strategy

The Countryside Agency’s Integrated Rural Development Programme developed a draft Landscape Strategy (2004) to highlight to all those who have a responsibility for the landscape (e.g. Government Departments, Councils, landowners, developers, visitors and users) the issues and forces for change facing the Forest of Dean landscape. The strategy pulls together individual strategies that could help address those potential impacts. Please:

Those issues raised by the strategy which are relevant to planning, have been addressed through the development of the Landscape Supplementary Planning Document.