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Code of conduct for councillors

We have a duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by members and co-opted members of the authority. We have adopted the following code of conduct.

Code of conduct for parish and town councils

We have produced a template code of conduct for Parish and town councils:

There is no requirement for town and parish councils to adopt this template.  Anyone wishing to view the code of a specific town or parish council should contact them directly.

Complaints about councillors conduct

If you have concerns or wish to submit a complaint about the conduct of a district, town or parish councillor use the form. Send to the monitoring officer by email or post

The Monitoring Officer

The Monitoring Officer’s role is to ensure that the Council, its Officers and its elected members maintain high standards of conduct.

Duties of the Monitoring Officer include:

  • reporting on matters they believe are, or are likely to be illegal or amount to maladministration
  • being responsible for matters relating to the conduct of Councillors and Officers
  • being responsible for the operation of the Council’s Constitution

You can contact the Monitoring Officer by:

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