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Equality and diversity

We understand and respect that people are unique and have individual differences. We celebrate this diversity and encourage positive relationships between people with differing needs.  

Equality and diversity when providing services

Communities and individuals across the district have different needs and we take these into consideration when planning and providing our services. We are committed to making sure that every individual is treated fairly and equally when dealing with us.

Equality and diversity as an employer

We aim to reflect the district's diversity in our workforce. We are committed to creating a working environment in which everyone can take full part, and integrate fairness and equity into every aspect of our employment practices. 

All the decisions we make relating to employment practices are objective, free from bias and based solely upon work criteria and individual merit. We are committed to interviewing all disabled applicants who meet the minimum selection criteria for a vacancy. We believe that our organisation will be a better, more creative and innovative place to work as a result of managing people in a way that gets the best from different perspectives.

Equality policy and action plan

We are working with Cotswold and West Oxfordshire District Councils on equality and diversity issues, and we have published our equality policy. 

Equality Impact Assessments

An Equality Impact Assessment (EIA), is an assessment of the effect that a service or a policy has on minority groups in our community. For example, the assessment will show whether something that we are proposing to do will have a harmful effect on a particular group of people or whether certain groups may have difficulty in using a new service. If this is the case, the assessment will then address how we will deal with that issue.

Find an Equality Impact Assessment

The government also completes equality impact assessments for decisions on national policy. View their Universal Credit Equality Impact Assessment.

District profile

The Forest of Dean District has a population of 84,544 (2015 mid-year estimates, Gloucestershire Inform) living in an area covering 585 square kilometres, with 34,167 (2011 Census, Office for National Statistics) households.

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Workforce profile

Human Resources prepare a profile of the workforce each year:

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