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Premises licence new applications

A premises licence is needed to:

  • sell alcohol
  • serve hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am
  • provide entertainment (plays, films, indoor sporting events, live music, recorded music (other than background music), dance and providing music-making or dancing facilities

The licencee can contact the licensing team to defer payment for six months. If you choose to do this, the next annual fee will be due six months after (e.g. two fees will be due in a 12 month period).

The delivery of food is not licensable under the Licensing Act 2003. It is therefore open to businesses to start food delivery services immediately from a licensing perspective.

Off-sales guidance

There is new guidance from the Government on temporary alcohol off-sales permissions. It includes information on:

  • the purpose of the temporary off-sales extension
  • the difference between pavement licences and alcohol licence
  • the new summary off-sales review process
  • general advice on conducting off-sales


If your renewal is due in the next six months to save money on insurance, you can voluntarily surrender your Consent or licence to us and this will be retained until such time that you reinstate your insurance.  The licence will be returned to you (with the original expiry date) once you can provide necessary insurance.  No refunds will be given for any period of time lost on the licence.  During the time that we retain your licence and you have no insurance, you cannot conduct any business that requires a licence. This will be reviewed in August. 


For any renewal that is due in the next six months you can pay over a 12 month period. This will be 12 monthly direct debits and a mandate must be completed before the licence is issued. Failure to pay an instalment will result in the licence being suspended

You can also defer the application and the renewal application will be honoured at a later date.  Provided that all requirements are met for licensing then the application will be charged as a renewal

These arrangements will not be a permanent arrangement and are for six months. This will be reviewed in August and may be extended if the COVID-19 situation does not improve.     

How to apply

Before applying, read the guidance notes for details of how to apply, the eligibility criteria, fees and the documentation you will need to provide: 

Apply for a premises licence Apply to be a Designated Premises Supervisor

Right to work and immigration status (Immigration Act 2016)

Individual applicants and applications from partnerships which are not limited liability partnerships are required to provide documentation to prove entitlement to work and immigration status.

To hold a licence an individual or member of a partnership must be resident in the UK and:

  • Have the right to live and work in the UK and
  • Have no conditions preventing them from doing the licensable activity 

To prove this you need to include copies or scans (which don’t need to be certified) of the following documents: 

What happens next

The application should be advertised for a period of 28 days at the premises and a copy should also be advertised in the public notices section of the local newspaper.

After the 28 day consultation period has expired, if no representations have been received from responsible authorities or interested parties, then the licence is granted as applied for. We will issue the licence shortly after.

If we receive a representation from a responsible authority or interested party then the application may need to be considered by the licensing sub committee. A hearing will be arranged within 20 working days after the end of the representation period.

Mandatory conditions for premises licences licensed for the sale by retail of alcohol

If a premises licence, which includes retail sale of alcohol, has been issued, then there will be mandatory conditions which the licence holder must adhere to.

Failure to meet any conditions attached to a premises licence may result in an unlimited fine and/or six months imprisonment.

Statement of Licensing Policy

Forest of Dean District Council’s current Statement of Policy will expire in 2021.