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Organising public events

The organisation of any public event, regardless of its size or the numbers of people attending, requires careful planning to ensure the safety of the public.

Street parties and fetes

Street parties and fetes may require a licence and, if taking place on the highway, may need a road closure.

Organising small, private street parties or fetes is generally simple as they do not normally include activities that need a licence, such as selling alcohol or providing certain types of entertainment. However there are circumstances when you need to let us know about your plans.

The Government has issued practical step by step guidance for anyone looking to hold a street party:

Sharing alcoholic drinks with your neighbours at a private party does not require a licence. If you plan to sell alcohol you need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) which is a simple process but please apply in plenty of time and at least ten working days before the event. 

Apply for a TEN

Road closures for a street party

If you are organising a street party and would like to close the road, please fill in the following to apply for free: 

Motocross and motorsport

Where a site is proposed for usage for motorsport activities, prior consultation should take place with Forest of Dean District Council’s Environmental Protection Service. Find out more on our Motocross and motorsport page.

Other public events

Any event which involves any of the following may require a licence:

  • Sale of alcohol or food
  • The playing of amplified or live music

Read more and apply on our Licences for alcohol and entertainment page.

Helium balloons

We have decided to ban the release of helium balloons from Forest of Dean District Council owned land. We also discourage their use on non-council land because of the risks they pose to livestock and the environment.

Event safety

If you are holding an event, you will be legally responsible for the safety of anyone attending and will need to notify the Safety Advisory Group. For more information and notification forms see:

Events on or affecting the public highway

If you are planning an event which you wish to hold on the public highway or which may have an impact on the public highway (such as increased traffic) contact: