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Temporary event notice

You will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) if you wish to hold a temporary event or function for entertainment purposes and alcohol sales that last for fewer than seven consecutive days and where there will be fewer than 499 people attending.

Applications must be received at least 10 working days before the event is due to take place.

You can also submit an application between five and nine workings days prior to the event but this would be classed as a late TEN.

If your event is postponed or cancelled you will need to submit a new Temporary Event Notice for the event. The dates cannot be amended and no refunds are given for cancelled events.

Number of TENs allowed per calendar year

Type of applicant Number of TENs allowed
Non-personal licence holder 5 (of which 2 can be late TENs)
Personal licence holder 50 (of which 10 can be late TENs)

The limit that each premises can be covered by a TEN is a maximum of 15 occasions per year (that amount to no more than 21 days in total).

Do I need to apply for a TEN for my event?

Type of event Licence required Licence not required
Raffle with alcohol as a prize - No
Providing the alcohol is in sealed containers
Tombola with bottles of alcohol as prizes - No
Providing the alcohol is in sealed containers
Private birthday party/wedding. Alcohol being sold at a pay bar Yes
A licence would also be required for any regulated entertainment
Private birthday party/wedding. Alcohol being provided free of charge - No for the alcohol
A licence may be required for regulated entertainment
Charity event ticket only. With alcohol included in the ticket price Yes
A licence would also be required if there was any regulated entertainment
Any event with a pay bar Yes
Sale of alcohol
Bring your own alcohol to an event e.g. quiz evening - No
Providing that there is no corkage fee
Rural cinema/film showings Yes
Films are licensable entertainment unless the films are purely educational
Any event with entertainment e.g. disco, band Yes
If the event is a private event then a licence is not needed unless the purpose of the event is to make a profit - this includes fund raising for charitable purposes
Race nights Yes
Comes under the showing of films. If there is any financial gain taking place you will need to seek advice under the Gambling Act 2005. Don't forget if you have alcohol sales you will require a licence
Poker nights Yes
Would only require a TEN if there are alcohol sales or entertainment taking place.  There are very strict guidelines in place for poker under the Gambling Act 2005. Please contact us for more information
Mulled wine at a Christmas event Yes
If the wine is alcoholic and being sold, either by ticket, donation or cash
If being given away or the wine is non-alcoholic
Late night refreshment
The sale of hot food and/or hot drinks between 11pm and 5am
Yes -
Children's birthday party Yes
If music and dancing are being held
If no music or dancing
Theatre Yes -
Ballet show Yes -

How to apply

Before applying, read the Temporary Event Notice guidance notes for details of how to apply, the eligibility criteria, fees and the documentation you will need to provide.

You can apply by downloading an application form from the link below and sending a copy to the licensing function and operational services at the council and the police.

Or you can apply online below. NOTE: if you apply online the responsibility lies with the Licensing Authority to serve copies of the application to the relevant authorities.

Apply for a TEN


The fee for a temporary event notice is £21.

What happens next

The TEN will be acknowledged the same day that we receive the application. The responsible authorities have three working days to serve an objection notice if they feel that there will be an adverse impact on the licensing objectives. If the application has not received an objection after three working days the application is deemed as granted.

If an objection notice is received against a standard TEN, a licensing committee will meet to determine the application. If an objection is made against a late TEN, the event cannot go ahead and no appeal can be made.