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The council carries out consultation to shape our policies and services, and ensure they meet the needs of our residents. Everyone should have the opportunity to have their say on issues that affect them.

Council Tax Support Scheme consultation

We are consulting on the proposed changes to our Council Tax Support Scheme. The consultation will be open until midnight Sunday 18 October 2020.

Removal of public payphones

British Telecom has consulted the Council on the removal of 12 payphones in the district. If you wish to make any comments about the proposed removal of any of these payphones please contact the Council, before 12 August 2020. You can make comment by email to localplans@fdean.gov.uk or send them to the postal address below. After this date, the Council will make an initial decision on whether to object to the removal of any of the payphones and publish this for consultation for a further 30 days.  The Council must then send its final decision to BT.

This consultation process also gives local communities the opportunity to adopt a traditional red ‘heritage’ phone box and make them an asset that local people can enjoy. Further information may be found at– http://bt.com/adopt. If this is something the community is interested in, please include, as a response to the consultation and the council will pass details on to BT on your behalf.