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Request bins and recycling containers

Recycling and food waste

You can request a new food waste caddy, recycling bag or recycling box if your current container is missing or damaged:

Request a new container

Containers are usually delivered within 30 working days of being ordered.

Garden waste and refuse bins

If you need a new or replacement garden waste or refuse bin this can be ordered by contacting our customer services on 01594 810000.

If you require an extra refuse bin please see the guidance under the additional capacity section below.

We will only issue a new or replacement garden waste bin for properties that have or are ordering a current garden waste licence.

Extra rubbish

If you have a temporary need to dispose of extra waste, you can take it to one of the recycling centres at Oak Quarry or Hempsted. You can also buy beige council-issue refuse sacks from us to put out with your collection. Our bulky waste service can also assist with large item collections.

Extra refuse bin or sacks / additional capacity

The following households may be eligible for an extra bin or sacks if:

  • there are 6 or more permanent full-time residents living at the address
  • they produce a large volume of non infectious healthcare waste such as swabs, incontinence pads or dressings
  • there are 2 children (under the age of 4 years old) who are using nappies, living with 2 or more adults

An extra bin or sacks is only for those in genuine need. We expect you to make every effort to recycle your waste before making this request. If granted, checks may be made by us on your ongoing need, and suitability for the service.

You will need to inform us of any future changes in circumstances. We maintain the right to downsize or remove containers if we find the need is no longer required.

Additional capacity request

We reserve the right to request proof of eligibility for this service at any time.