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Developer and community forums

Take part in our engagement forums

Councillor Tim Gwilliam, portfolio holder for Planning (and leader of the Council) has set up two forums to support his work in developing the Local Plan.

  • a community engagement forum, where groups, individuals and Town and Parish Councils can be represented to play a key role in informing and advising the District Council as we continue to develop the new Local Plan for the district, and
  • a development sector forum, including those key local developers, could really assist the council in assessing possible development locations, their viability and deliverability.

The forums, which commenced in October 2021, are a way of getting informal views from around our district.

Question and answer from forums

To sign up for the Local Plan forums please contact: [email protected]

View previous meetings

October 2021

Local Plan Community Forum - 20 Oct 2021 - YouTube

Local Plan Developer Forum - 21 Oct 2021 - YouTube