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Regeneration Partnerships

Lydney Coastal Community Team

By working together in partnership the District Council, Lydney Town Council and Environment Agency secured £10,000 from the Government to establish a Coastal Community Team.

Lydney has joined 115 other Coastal Community Teams in the UK and will be seeking to increase the tourism and recreational potential of Lydney Harbour.

The team is a multi-partnership group with membership representing interests at the local, district and county level.  The team operates through a two tier structure consisting of an Executive Group and a Stakeholder Group.  The Executive Group is the decision making body, with the Stakeholder Group being an advisory informal partnership.  The Environment Agency chair both groups. 

Both the Executive Group and Stakeholder Group meet on a quarterly basis.

Coleford Regeneration Committee

We support Coleford Town Council’s Regeneration Committee. Please visit their website for more information.

Cinderford Regeneration Board

The Cinderford Regeneration Board was established in November 2005.  The Board makes decisions on the wider direction of regeneration in Cinderford.  They are committed to delivering sustainable regeneration projects to benefit the people of Cinderford and the district.

Forest Economic Partnership

We support the Forest Economic Partnership. Please visit their website for more information.