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Policies and strategies

Our district is already a special place. We want to build on this distinctiveness, so the new corporate plan sets out our high level areas of focus for the district over the next four years. It outlines areas where we want to concentrate work both within the council and with partner organisations, to improve the quality of life for our residents and visitors, and address the climate change emergency.

These efforts will result in better connected communities socially; digitally; and through improved transport. During this four year period, patterns for the longer term sustainable future will be established as the district’s new Local Plan (covering up to 2041) will start to emerge.

This means that work over the lifetime of this corporate plan will provide a critical foundation with long term consequences.

Here are the council's key policies and strategies: 

Access to Information

Allocations Plan

Cinderford Northern Quarter

Community Outcomes and Objectives

Core Strategy

Corporate Enforcement

Counter Fraud and Anti-Corruption

IPA 2016 Acquisition of Communications Data

Local Plan

Preventing Homelessness

Procurement & Social Value

RIPA 2000 Surveillance & CHIS

Safeguarding Policy

Armed Forces Corporate Covenant

Tourism Destination Management

Use of the Internet and Social Media in Investigations and Enforcement


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