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What is the healthy lifestyles scheme?

The Healthy Lifestyles Exercise Referral Scheme is designed to facilitate health improvements by providing structured physical activity and exercise options for people aged 16 years + living in the Forest of Dean and or registered with a local practice.

Exercise has the power to improve the outlook and aid the management of many conditions and illnesses. These conditions include but are not limited to those who

  • Have high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes or Asthma
  • Have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Are over-weight or inactive
  • Are suffering from mild depression or stress
  • Are at risk for developing Osteoporosis
  • Are pre or post-natal

Your GP, Nurse or Community Health Professionals are all able to refer you to the scheme.

You can now also self-refer through the link provided in this area of our website.

Upon referral to the scheme you will be guided to one of our healthy lifestyle classes or access to a freedom leisure gym where you can follow a programme supervised by a qualified exercise professional.

Where there is no underlying medical condition or risk, it may be that a direct referral is not required. However one of our professionals will be on hand to signpost you to an appropriate method of physical activity. So please do still get in contact.

More details on how to gain access to this scheme are available through your GP, Nurse or Community Health Professional or by calling 01594 812447.