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General waste: Black wheelie bin

We collect non-recyclable household rubbish every two weeks. Make sure your bin is out at the kerbside by 7am on collection day with the lid closed.

Rubbish can be bagged or loose inside the bin. Do not leave any sacks next to or on top of your wheeled bin as they will not be collected.

What to put in your general waste bin

We will collect:

  • nappies and sanitary products
  • polystyrene 
  • crisp and sweet packets
  • bagged dog waste and cat litter
  • foil lined food pouches
  • yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, punnets and food trays
  • plastic films

Sharp objects and broken glass

Make sure that any sharp objects, for example, broken glass, kitchen knives, razor blades are double wrapped in paper.  They should then be put in a container, such as an old plastic milk bottle, before being put in your refuse.  If you have the beige council-issue refuse sacks please mark clearly on the bag that it contains sharp objects.

Items that should not go in your general waste bin

Do not put any of the following in your general waste bin:

  • all garden waste
  • anything which can be recycled at the kerbside (including food waste)
  • liquids, for example, paint and oil.  It is illegal to put paint in your bin. The spillage and damage to road surfaces are costly to clean and repair
  • trade waste (even if you operate a business from home)
  • building waste, DIY waste, rubble, soil or plasterboard. Plasterboard can be taken to Household Recycling Centre, it is illegal to put plasterboard in to landfill
  • asbestos, small amounts of households asbestos can be disposed of at the Household Recycling Centre but you must book in advance of your visit
  • hot ashes, allow ashes to cool completely before putting in your wheeled bin

Some properties, such as flats, cannot accommodate a wheelie bin. In that case we will supply you with 80 beige council-issue refuse sacks each year or a communal bin.  These will only be issued once an assessment of your property has been undertaken by a Council officer.

Extra rubbish

We do not collect extra household rubbish in addition to the standard bins or council-issue refuse sacks. Extra rubbish can be taken to one of the Recycling Centres at Oak Quarry or Hempsted. You can also buy beige council-issue refuse sacks from us for the odd occasion when you may have a bit more rubbish.

You can apply for an extra bin if:

  • you are a family of six or more
  • medical reasons mean you have extra waste, for example, dressings or incontinence pads
  • you are a large household with children in nappies

We assess each application on a case by case basis and you may be asked to provide proof to go with your application. Contact us on 01594 810000 for more information and an application form.

Waste and recycling policy

Our policy and leaflet has information on how we manage the waste and recycling service.