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Local Plan evidence base

The Local Plan evidence base contains a series of reports and studies which have helped to shape the planning policies for the District.

Population, housing and health



Strategic Housing Market Assessment


Environment and nature

Flood risk assessments also form part of the evidence base and are available to download from the Flood Risk Assessment page.

Landscape assessments

The following plans are part of the strategic landscape assessments that are being undertaken and illustrate some of the considerations that apply in areas of search that are being evaluated as part of the Local Plan process. They form part of the process prior to any decision about site allocations and will sit alongside other evidence which will help to inform the Local Plan as it is compiled.

Local Plan Economic Viability Assessment

We are required to collect and use evidence about the likely viability of development sites to support our new Local Plan.  A study to consider this and also the potential for a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) together with the scope for affordable housing has been commissioned. 

A consultation was held during Autumn 2020, further information can be viewed on the consultation portal.